CSAC Climate Change Task Force

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In 2007, during Jeff Morris’ stint as a Trinity County Supervisor he, along with Napa County Supervisor Dianne Dillon, led an extremely diverse group of stakeholders to develop a landmark statewide climate change policy for all 58 of California’s counties.

Driven by California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, this task force was created to develop effective policy while accounting for the unique challenges of all California’s counties, urban, suburban and rural.   Policy development communication included interaction and communication with a wide swath of stakeholders including the State Attorney General, representatives from the Governor’s office, the California State Legislature and a wide variety of participants from the public and private sectors.

This successful effort was the first climate change policy approved by all counties in a single state.   Jeff and Supervisor Dillon and were both honored with the CSAC Circle of Service award for those efforts.