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The Opportunity
With the recent award from the California Public Utilities Commission of $ 47-million to the Highway 299 Fiber Optic project, we believe that we have the opportunity to position our area as a viable location for individuals and companies who, up until this point, would not have considered re-locating here due to the current rudimentary access to the internet and who are also anxious to have the quality of life and recreational amenities that our area offers.

Our Area of Focus
We believe that communities from the Northern reaches of the upper Trinity River and Trinity Lake to towns in the massive South Fork Trinity River watershed to the numerous communities in and around the Highway 299 and Trinity River corridor have the opportunity to benefit from the game changing infrastructure improvement of a high speed fiber optic “middle-mile backbone.”

Although some of the areas mentioned here are not directly on the “backbone” of the currently planned fiber-optic line, we believe this new infrastructure will be a catalytic moment well beyond the planned corridor.  We are already seeing the influence that this has had on existing telecommunications carriers to expand and improve their current service.  We believe that this will continue to be the trend and that our local market will continue to demand a “new normal” of internet bandwidth for all communities.

The First Step
Through the creation of video testimonials (view some previous examples here) we believe that we can jump start interest in our area through the voices and experience of those who already live here and/or believe in this special place.   Through this process we also want to feature and promote local organizations and individuals (some mentioned above) who have laid the foundation that that makes this opportunity possible.

How you can help: 

  1. Join Our Initial “Forward Thinkers” – Donate $ 100.00 to help us film, produce and distribute our initial round of videos that will feature the faces, voices and incredible backdrops of our area.
  2. Help Us Spread The Word – Social media is an extremely powerful tool that will be a big part of our success.  Like our Facebook page, join our mailing list and spread the word.  Click here for our contact info.
  3. Give Us Feedback – Our process and communication about this project has already improved based on feedback that we’ve received.   Your thoughts, questions and suggestions are important.
  4. Take A Look At Our Future Plans – Our Four Objectives are a working draft of where we are headed.  Once again we’d like to hear from you.

Thank you in advance for your support.

We look forward to hearing from you and moving forward together!

We’re truly excited about the possibilities for our communities as a result of the future fiber-optic line being implemented along the 299 corridor, but we need your help in order to take the next step.

our initial seed funders,by making a donation today.

Our Spring 2017 Goal: $ 6,000 (60 Forward Thinkers)

Trinity Forward Donation

Trinity Forward’s launch is being facilitated through the media and communications work of Jeff Morris and his company, Stream Crossing, in consultation with a number of local volunteers and supporters.